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Clearlex Sight Rejuvenation ...
Dr. Malitz offers an exciting new alternative to laser vision correction. It's called C-Lex Sight Rejuvenation, and it may be just the long-term solution you have been looking for. C-Lex corrects vision at all distances -- far, intermediate, and near. If you have been told that you are not a good candidate for laser vision correction, C-Lex may be the ideal option for you!
A Little History:
Previously, the only alternative to laser vision correction was a procedure called monovision, in which one eye was corrected for near vision and the other for distance. Monovision has proven to be a difficult adjustment for many people. Even for those who accomodate, monovision does not provide entirely natural and crisp results.
C-Lex uses the technology of accomodative or multifocal lenes. The Crystalens, Restor and ReZoom lenes are an intraocular lens, or IOLs. These lenses replace the natural lens of the eye. Unlike standard monofocal IOLs the new lenses generally correct for near, intermediate, and distance vision. Previous IOLs could only one distance often leaving the patient with a need for glasses at for many activities. The new lenses have made clear vision possible at all distances.
C-Lex Sight Rejuvenation is particularly beneficial for patients who have been told that they are not good candidates for laser vision correction or for people who have presbyopia (poor near vision after 40 years of age), which is not treatable with LASIK.
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