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How It Works:
During the C-Lex Sight Rejuvenation procedure, Dr. Malitz makes a tiny incision in the eye. The natural lens of the eye is gently removed and replaced with a premium lens. Because the lens is foldable, the incision can be very tiny, and stitches are generally unnecessary.

Dr. Malitz was among the first and most experienced physician who is currently offering the C-Lex Sight Rejuvenation procedure. As one of the nation's premier laser eye surgeons and a pioneer in the field, Dr. Malitz has always been committed to providing his patients with new and better solutions. Here are just some of the advantages of C-Lex:
Excellent alternative to laser vision correction
For most patients, it provides clearer vision at all distances -- near, intermediate, and far
Offers long-term, stablility
Colors may become brighter and better defined
Reading stamina may increase
No chance of cataracts in the future
The best way to find out if Clearlex Sight Rejuvenation is a good choice for you is to contact us today. Dr. Malitz and his staff will be happy to answer all of your questions in order to provide you with the highest quality care and results. Please contact us 702-362-3900!

*C-Lex, Clear Lens Exchange is considered off label, for a discussion of the risks and alternatives, schedule a free screening by calling 702-362-3900.
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